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East Coast Mall, Kuantan

Architect : Loh & Loh Architects
Project Period : March 2013 - August 2014
Contract Value: RM32,750,000.00

The project involved all 4 levels of shopping areas and was scheduled in 10 phases with construction duration of 18 months. The overall works consist of building extension at the rear facade that merge with the existing tenant shops to enlarge the total sale areas, extension of the front facade and conversion of existing entrance area into an Alfresco. Reconfiguration of external carpark, landscaping and installation of new composite panels for the facade cladding of the shopping centre.

During each phases, all deliveries and site works were monitored on daily basis and programming of each task was dove-tailed into proper sequencing and timing, in order to achieve the intended finishes quality, matching the existing finishes and completion of the works within the stipulated time frame.

Most complicated work scope was concentrated at the Ground Floor, its facade was totally demolished to make way for the new concept of Alfresco. All M&E services were provided with water cooling system. The new roof was extended with the combination of new RC structure and metal roofing system.

The most challenging part of this project was indeed to maintain an accessible routes for the public while heavy construction and renovation works were being carried out.

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