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IPC Shopping Centre

Architect : DP Architects Sdn Bhd
Project Manager : Pure Projects Management Sdn Bhd
Project Period : February 2017 – May 2018
Contract Value : RM155,000,000.00

Can-I was awarded a 155 million project to expand, upgrade and refurbish the IPC Shopping Complex, all within a 9 month period. This was a monumental project that required structural steel and reinforcement work, new mechanical and electrical installations, interior refurbishment and outfitting of the entire mall. This was the largest contract for Can-I with the tightest deadline given the project scope, stringent standards whilst working through a time handicap. We knew this would be a game changer in our growth trajectory and upscaling our standards – in both business and operations.

As an interior fit-out specialist we are well versed with the interior work that constituted 45% of the job scope for this facelift. The remaining project requisites were met by our team of trusted sub-contractors. To better meet the demands of this project, we assembled a fulltime site management team of 60, to work in tandem with our subcontractors and the rest of the IPC project team. The turning point for us came when Can-I and our subcontractors had to meet the IKEA Way (IWAY) code of conduct which delineates standards and protocols for purchasing of products, materials and services. These requisites hold our organisations accountable and committed to the health, safety and social wellbeing of our workforce and environmental responsibility.

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